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Our CSR strategy

Strong and monitored commitments Towards a more sustainable society

The challenges associated with embarking on a digital transformation, supporting ecological transitions and fostering a genuine culture of social and environmental responsibility are significant both for Talan, its customers, as well as for all players dedicated to forging a sustainable world for future generations. 

As a committed player, the Talan Group aims to support sustainable growth, taking into consideration social and environmental issues while maintaining its values and ensuring operational excellence to meet the needs of its customers. 

To fully integrate sustainable development into its strategy and to reflect its mission statement, Talan has structured its corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy around three fundamental pillars. These pillars are reinforced by a comprehensive framework of 13 commitments, designed to address and mitigate all significant risks identified within the materiality matrix analysis. 

Talan supports the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact

Talan is dedicated to championing these principles within its sphere of influence. 

As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, Talan supports its commitments to human rights, adherence to international labor standards, environmental stewardship and a strong stance against corruption. Find out more about the 10 principles .


People Business

Ensuring fulfilling working conditions for our employees, in order to enable them to develop and meet the needs of our customers.


  • 40% women in management committees in 2024
  • 80% minimum of the Group workforce benefiting from at least 1 training course per year
  • 10,000 min Research days per year
  • Overall GPTW satisfaction rate > 80% by the end of 2022
  • Overall customer satisfaction rate > 98% by 2024

Sustainable Business

Transforming our practices and offers to meet the challenges of sustainable development.


  • 30% of the variable remuneration of Executive Committee members linked to a common CSR objective from 2023
  • Absolute reduction of 42% in emissions (Scope 1, 2 & 3) over 4 years (based on 2021, by 2025)
  • 70% of new employees made aware of climate change and digital simplicity by the end of 2023

Business Integrity

Be exemplary in the conduct of business and ensure compliance with professional ethics rules throughout our value chain.


  • No dividend payments 
  • 80% minimum of employees aware of ethical codes and good conduct by the end of 2023
  • 100% of employees aware of issues of discrimination or harassment by the end of 2023

Our commitments

Gender parity

Work in favour of team diversity at Talan and for greater inclusion of women in digital professions.

Women are still under-represented in digital professions. Today, 36% of our workforce consists of women. Alongside the Femmes@Numérique foundation and the Quelques Femmes du Numérique association, Talan highlights role models that enable young girls to identify and dare to get started. The Group regularly organises internal and external discussion spaces to raise awareness of gender diversity issues, via MOOCs, presentations at events such as VivaTech or dedicated evenings.

The "Nos femmes ont du Talan" community (meaning "our women have talent") , initiated internally and bringing together more than 350 employees, both men and women, also aims to promote female profiles and work towards greater gender diversity in the company.

We also support the "Women and Science" Chair at Paris-Dauphine University, which highlights scientific work carried out by women, and has also set up a mentoring programme with PWN.

For more information, see the results of our indexes.

Social diverisity

Recruiting, integrating and supporting employees from all backgrounds

We are committed to promoting the inclusion of employees with disabilities, professional diversity and the diversity of the profiles we recruit.

To underline its commitment, Talan has drawn up its Ethical and Inclusive Recruiter Charter, endorsed by all our employee representative bodies and signed by every participant in our recruitment process. It ensures that all recruitment players align with our principles of non-discrimination, equity, professional parity, and inclusion. 

Talan defends equal opportunities by engaging with associations such as “Les Entretiens de l’excellence” or “Nos quartiers ont du talent” which allows young graduates from sensitive neighbourhoods to be supported by mentors in the job search. Mehdi Houas, President of Talan, is also an honorary member of the 21st century Club, which promotes diversity and success for all.

Equal opportunities also involve the possibility of changing professions and training in digital professions. This is why Talan has launched the Reconversion, which allows people interested in the IT sector to become a PMO and AMOA consultant.

Signatory of the diversity charter, find out about our commitments here (in French).

A learning company

Investing in training for young people and our employees

To better prepare new generations for the jobs of the future, Talan has created numerous company chairs, led by Group employees, such as the EISTI “Business Intelligence & Analytics” chair and Telecom Paris “Methods and Algorithms for Artificial Intelligence”.

In addition to these academic chairs, Talan trains students from Telecom Paris and EPF on the challenges of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, by offering them the opportunity to carry out practical case studies. 

In addition to our training policy, we provide our employees with the opportunity to create and lead communities of experts in specific fields, technologies and working methodologies. The goal is to enable everyone to deepen and share their knowledge, regardless of their professional experience. All communities share the same ambition: to seek out the methods, practices and expertise of tomorrow, to experiment with them, integrate them into our operations & to train our consultants. 


Sustainable development

Innovating and transforming for a future more respectful of our planet

Born in 2021 from the initiative of many Talan employees and supported by the Group's Management Committee, the climate and ecology community aims to raise awareness among our employees, reduce our GHG emissions and build concrete solutions to support our customers in their own challenges.

The teams of our Research and Innovation division, in collaboration with an ecosystem of stakeholders (employees, customers, partners) have initiated discussions on projects around frugal artificial intelligence, the challenges of responsible digital technology, the carbon impact of business travel and modelling the role of "alternative" transport in peak traffic and the impact on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Talan also supports its customers in their transformation towards a low-carbon future.


While social and environmental issues are major for more and more companies, there was a lack of an essential public tool to highlight and enable everyone to consult the main indicators of companies that are at the forefront of CSR innovation. This is why Talan registered as an early adopter of the IMPACT platform.

This commitment to transparency also stems from the implementation of a strong internal anti-corruption policy, which translates into a code of conduct, a gifts and invitations policy and an internal alert system.

Professional Equality Index

Pursuant to the "Freedom to choose one's professional future" French law of 5 September 2018, which aims in particular to eliminate the gender pay gap in France, Talan publishes the gender equality indexes of its entities. These indexes are calculated by entity on the basis of 5 indicators.

In 2023, the Talan group obtains the following ratings for its entities in France:

  • Talan SAS : 89/100
  • Talan Solutions : 88/100
  • Talan Consulting : 79/100
  • Talan Labs : 81/100
  • Talan KeyOn : 75/100
  • Talan Corporate : 83/100

Talan group entities achieve good scores on the indicators (pay gap, increase gap and gender promotion gap).

As part of the development of our CSR approach, Talan is continuing and is committed to enhancing the actions initiated since 2017 on the diversity and the role of women in the digital business by 2023. 

These actions will enable us, among other things, to make progress on the two other indicators: the increase in employees returning from maternity leave and the number of underrepresented sex employees among the 10 highest remunerations.